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Find and Book

While reaping the benefits of the Digital era, MedHos was conceived with the intent to bring the common public closer to healthcare providers. It was envisaged and developed to bring in transformation in the healthcare services through simple clicks on Mobile/Web. Being a single platform, MedHos provides a spectrum of services – eases the task of choosing the best doctors by providing detailed profile and reviews about them, schedule appointments and receive instant confirmation, preserve medical details/records for future use, receive reminders and follow-ups on medication & future appointments, etc.

Appointment Confirmation

You receive an instant confirmation on your booked appointment and any other services that you might have availed through booking like re-scheduling your appointment, etc.

Health Records

A convenient feature to securely view your past medical history, lab test reports, and treatments which makes it easy to access anywhere and stress free of Misplacing Important medical record. Carry MedHos, No Files/Folder.

SMS Reminder

MedHos will send you prompt reminders about your drug dosages and appointments scheduled/to be scheduled. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on medication or visiting your Medical practitioner.


MedHos provides you the option to upload prescriptions, test reports and any other medical report pertaining to you/your family. This will enable you to preserve the complete health history and access these vital details at anytime from anywhere. Your Medical Practitioner can also update and/or upload these medical records.

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