Terms & Conditions

1. I agree to the Terms and Conditions specified herein and amended from time to time by Medhos and also hereby confirm, declare that I have read and understood the same and will also abide by the conditions specified there in

2. I also understand that MedHos, SaaS Technology platforms (mobile apps, websites etc.) and enables to obtain health care related services from registered medical practioners and other health care professionals and I shall use this platform only in that context to obtain such services.

3. I am agreeing that I have attained 18years of age and will provide my date of birth as part of registration to avail the telemedicine facility

4. I also hereby confirm and aware that in case of certain relevant details are not provided, MedHos shall take necessary steps including removing the registration and also reporting the same to relevant authorities in case of false information provided during registration or while obtaining any services provided through the platform

5. I shall agree and provide necessary consent that MedHos shall necessary required details to the healthcare professionals including name, age, qualification, reports and other details provided or stored and maintained as part of my profile and health records to the health care professional with whom consulting is sought and any further information required under Tele-medicine guidelines issued from time to time to assist the health care professionals better service and guidance.

6. I shall treat a Video consultation like any other outpatient consultation, and will only share or provide relevant and required information which are required as part of the consultation and will not misuse this platform for any other unrelated information or sharing details or photos or pictures or documents to the health care professionals.

7. I shall inform the healthcare professional and shall make aware any other people present in the room who may see and/or hear the consultation while video consulting.

8. I shall follow Close door policy when initiating/receiving a Video call and use signs/notices on the door to indicate that a consultation is taking place to prevent others hearing the consultation to protect my health-related information unless the person is my guardian and I need their assistance.

9. I shall never download or access any videos or images or copy locally to prevent misusing patient images and data

10. I consent to use the platform to provide further information by updating my health records and allow my consent to share to the health care professional in case further information is required from the initiated call /video consultation

11. I am fully aware of any precautions required and potential risks of using Video or video call and provide my consent -

i) That the use of Video is completely voluntary and can change Video based appointment to a face to face appointment at any time

ii) Video consultations are securely encrypted; however, it is my responsibility to ensure that my mobile phone or device is adequate anti-spyware and anti-virus protection to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping

iii) The medical outcomes from the consultation will be recorded and stored on the patient record as part of the platform.

iv) The Video service shall not be used as an emergency contact.

12. I will provide our verbal consent to confirm that I understand how Video will be used and our responsibility in managing their own account before conducting any Video consultations.

13. If sharing (ours account with others) or using their account (others members account for us) (e.g. family members), shall ensure that the same has been discussed with the other members before using either our account or their account and will also ensure either ways this is restricted only between family members and not outsiders.

14. I shall ensure prior face to face contact with the health care practioner before commencing Video to confirm patient identity I will identify as “first patient”

15. I shall not attend any other call or message or chat during the video consultation and will complete the consultation as priority

16. I shall provide my consent during the video call in case the prescription details have to be shared to the Lab or pharmacy for delivering the same with explicit consent then and there and the same shall be recorded as part of the call

17. I shall consent and hereby declare that I will not hold MedHos not responsible or rise complaints or report or take action for any activities done outside the platform through any other modes of communication with the medical practioners

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